What Makes Sense…

The love shared between William and Denise Richard that created Martin and his siblings.  

The tenacity of over 27,000 athletes who trained and persevered for months in order to qualify and compete, and to say “I did it!” at the finish line.

The pride and hospitality of a city and its people, which for 117 years has hosted marathoners from around the world and celebrated the human spirit.

The support and encouragement of family and friends who lined the streets to cheer on their loved ones and share in each athlete’s hard-earned accomplishments.

The police, medics, military, and multitude of other service people and volunteers who were on hand to support the event, and who ended up responding to devastating crisis with urgency, integrity, compassion, and determination. Thank you.

What makes sense?

Americans living their lives. Dreaming their dreams. Running their races. Embracing freedom.

Never giving up.

Hope and prayers to everyone who has been impacted by the horrific event at the Boston Marathon.


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