Come Home

Come home

To her endless country roads

We’ll watch cornfields sway and seasons change

It could be what we’ve always dreamed . . .

You and me

Going home


Come home

To her familiar streets and short-cut alleys

We’ll walk in cool evening breezes to back door greetings

Laugh with familiar faces flushed with memory . . .

And take things slowly

On our way back home


I know the move’s not easy

And our eyes are always searching

Look past the long-lived fear

That’s kept you away all of these years

I left too—went running far away

But part of me has always stayed



Come home

To her harvested crops and neatly plowed lea

We’ll gather up lost moments like childhood arcade tokens

Take hands and make a start from where we once were parted . . .

Together at our ending, neither one left wandering

Far from home


© 2010 Wendy White


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